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Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> cenk: now obviously fox news has taken you on, and they say you're the boogeyman. sean hannity michelle malkin called you every word in the language--every bad word. >> i think he's behind on his rabies shots. >> cenk: so, you're not too concerned that they have portrayed you as a hollywood liberal, etc.? >> i'm proud of it. >> cenk: god bless. it's reassuring to hear that. there is something that i want to play for you. it's a portion of the video and i want you to talk about it. let's have the audience watch it first. >> some day you'll be rich, and then the rules we made for us will be your rules too. some people weren't so sure about this, so the rich people bought newspapers and tv and radio stations and internet companies, and paid them to repeat over and over. some day you will be rich, too. there is no alternative. >> cenk: that's interest, ed, do you think that the media also has been captured by the rich and powerful? >> oh, yeah, this has been going on--we were doing lou grant, it was in the hands of four--maybe six higher powers. it's probably been reduced since then. there
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
's his grade on gun control. f. another issue he's deeply conservative. how about drugs? who's michelle leonhart? >> she recognize the head of the dea. who was she before that? she was appointed to be deputy administrator of the dea by george w. bush. she has broken records on drug dispensary raids. president obama said he would not do those. there were better priorities. instead, even though he didn't have to at all at all he put her in charge. why? is this going to get you votes? are people against drug legalization going to vote for president obama because of this obscure lady? no, he did this even though it had no political benefit for him because in his bones, he loves to do the pro establishment right wing thing. after drugs, we have deportation. well, rest comfortably. look, under president bush, we had 2 million deportations. under president obama only 1.4 million. oh, right, that was in eight years, this was only four years. broke the record on number of deportations. under clinton, we had about 9,000 on average. ok? under bush, it went up to over 20,000. under obama, 32,000 th
Dec 19, 2012 4:00pm PST
cohen i want to show a member of congress that feels different. congresswoman michelle bachmann. let me show you a clip and get your reaction. >> i'm shocked. >> my favorite gun is ar 15 because you can be so accurate, and i scored best in my class of any of the men. >> the ar 15. >> it's a rifle. i love that gun. >> it's a combat weapon. >> i love it. >> it can be made automatic but it's a semiautomatic .222. >> i like being accurate, and that is a great begun. >> cenk: well, are you able to get past the enthusiasm of republicans like that if you're trying to ban assault weapons. >> representative bachmann is a member of my class as well. i ame sure she's accurate when she is a marksman but she's not so accurate when she makes statement. i hope she becomes more accurate there. >> cenk: nancy pelosi hopes to limit magazine-holding she believes it will be harder to get the assault weapons ban. what do you think of that happening in congress. >> i think they're both difficult. i hate to disagree with speaker pelosi. she has great experience and knowledge, i don't see where you got that ma
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)